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 Healing Women Healing Nations of NE Florida Inc.

Healing Women Healing Nations of NE Florida Inc. is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization focused on meeting the unmet needs of female veterans that suffer from post-traumatic stress secondary to military sexual trauma, have encountered homelessness and are in need of resource referrals, wrap-around services and support to assist them on the journey to becoming successfully reintegrated within their communities.


Healing Women Healing Nations provides step-by-step individualized solutions to assisting women and women veterans that have encountered trauma, abuse or mental health challenges secondary to trauma ‘Redefine Their Life-Path’; reminding them of their innate Power to “Create Their Ideal Lives”

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 A community of women healing their wounds, regaining their voice and finding their place in society again. 

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We have touched the lives of over 189,000 individuals via podcasts, empowerment events, workshops, support groups and presentations


Engage: the community on the emergent need of women and women veterans 

Educate: women and women veterans on available resources & social service referrals 

Empower: the women/women veterans to successfully reintegrate into their surrounding communities 

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HWHN Services


Redefined Life Path Program

You Have the Power to Redefine YourLife

Many individuals that have encountered trauma, abuse, or mental illness feel they have become their diagnosis. We assist with creating new paths to living a fulfilled life beyond the diagnosis.


Unmasking the Hurt

Here is the place and now is the time. Let's address and tear down the barriers hindering us from living fully...bogged down by hurts from the past. Our 3~Phase Program does just that... identifies, addresses and provides solutions that allow healing. Join us and begin your journey to breaking the cycle of despondency, loneliness and the sentence of silence.  

HWHN Services

Empowerment Events

We provide a safe environment allowing people to renew and evolve in ways they have not imagined. An empowering and inspiring opportunity to hear from individuals that have endured and overcome. If you are looking to grow personally, professionally, and even spiritually, these events are tailored to meet women's s unique needs!


Learning 2 Love Me

Helping Individuals, utilizing the A.C.E. Model to acknowledge and address their pain points, move beyond them into purpose and living in power creating their Ideal Life.

After I Prayed Now What

Addressing Mental Health Challenges

Acute mental illness is common in the church, just as it is common in the rest of society. Church leaders want to help those affected by mental illness. But pastors need more guidance and preparation for dealing with mental-health crises. They often don’t have a plan to help families affected by mental illness, or to provide ongoing spiritual care to church members who have a mental illness. 

HWHN Events

HWHN - Support Groups


Empowered 2 Thrive

The status of an individual's mental health governs overall health, along with every other aspect of an individual's life; professionally, personally and/or socially. The state of mental health can be altered temporarily or long-term by a myriad of reasons. 

We provide an environment conducive to allowing people to be transparent about their challenges and struggles. Support groups are a place where you can discuss day-to-day problems with other people who have been through trauma. Support groups have not been shown to reduce PTSD symptoms, but they can help you feel better in other ways. Because they can give you a sense of connection to other people, a peer support group could be a great addition to your treatment. Support groups can also help family members or friends who are care-givers. 


Our Goal
To empower women and women veterans in the community helping them realize they are MORE THAN their traumatic experiences. Our ultimate goal is to inspire women to know their worth is not attached to the effects of their past experiences (i.e. abuse, trauma); and create an atmosphere of mutual support to act as a catalyst to healing.

Support Groups


"2nd Annual Learning 2 Love Me 2019"


I, as a woman, have experienced so much trauma in my life. All I have ever done was suppress it or on the opposite end tried to be strong through it. As women, quote on quote "Being Strong" is our go to when we have experienced traumatic situations in our lives. That saying, "BEING STRONG" can be overrated and in turn, make us suppress feelings and emotions that need and have to be dealt with in order for us to move forward in a positive way in our lives. I am finally able to be a better version of me, now do to Michelle Poitier and The Healing Women Healing Nations of NE Florida. Healing Women Healing Nations gave me the love, strength, and support without the shame and judgment that we often encounter with so-called friends and family. I am grateful that I was able to connect with such an incredible woman, Michelle Poitier and as equally grateful that God gave her the vision to start Healing Women Healing Nations of NE Florida.    

~ E Jae Mocion, Orlando. FL ~ 

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