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Creating Order Out of Chaos

How many times has it been said of you…no matter what is going on you are always in control? Cool, calm, collected and nonchalant. Nothing seems to faze you. You exude a sense of peace, serenity and safety. In your mind the thoughts run along these lines…who are they referring to? If they only knew that my stomach is unsettled, violently churning and the palms of my hands are sweaty. My thoughts are racing to and from in an attempt to formulate a viable solution in the midst of this current catastrophe. My heart is pounding so fiercely and rapidly that I fear others around me can hear it. The sound of rushing wind is reverberating through my ears, drowning out the voices of those around me.

Yet, beyond the sound of my own fear, uncertainty and alarm at being considered the ‘person who has the answers’, I hear the still, small quiet voice of the Lord. He reminded me that I am not alone in bringing hope, peace, and order in the midst of chaos. God gently reminded me of the scene in Mark Chapter 8 when the disciples found themselves in a state of confusion. Jesus wanted them to feed a great multitude of people who had been listening to him teach. “What will we do? We can’t feed them.” But Jesus was there and He had the answer. He performed a miracle and 4,000 people were fed. In the midst of it all, when the disciples were panicking, trying to figure out how they can fed the multitude with the meager staples they had; Jesus was there.

How does that relate? It is a reminder that when we are doing our best to appear ‘in control’ on the surface and filled with turmoil internally wondering what to do; the problem solver is with us, listening, waiting for us to ask Him to help us. He promised that he would never leave us nor forsake us; he would be with us even until the end of the age of this world.

Remember, God is a God who can bring order, peace and glory out of every chaotic, confused and hopeless situation!

Ending the Stigma of Mental Illness

October 2, 2019

What will help diminish or eliminate the stigma associated with Mental Illness?

A ~ awareness

C ~ compassion

E ~ education

Mental health disorders are medical conditions that disrupt a person’s thinking, feeling, mood, ability to relate to others, and daily functioning. Just as diabetes is a disorder of the pancreas, mental illnesses are medical conditions of the brain that often result in a diminished capacity for coping with the ordinary demands of life.

Serious mental illnesses include major depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The good news about mental illness is that recovery is possible.

Mental illnesses can affect persons of any age, race, religion, or income. Mental health disorders are not the result of personal weakness, lack of character, or poor upbringing. Mental illnesses are treatable. Most people diagnosed with a serious mental illness can experience relief from their symptoms by actively participating in an individual treatment plan.

Mental illness is thought to be caused by a combination of biological, psychological, and environmental factors.

By raising the awareness of available resources and support we can help alleviate the shame, guilt and condemnation that prevents those suffering from getting the help they need.

By educating ourselves, we can better render aid and/or support to our friends and loved ones who struggle with mental illness.

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