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Michelle Speakz Services

Life Recovery Coach

Michelle assists clients by expanding self-awareness, exploring choices, and providing structure and to navigate life after adversity and build on their internal motivations for positive life change and then celebrate successes.

As a Certified Life-Coach, she advises industry leaders in mental health & wellness, churches, organizations, non-profits and 1-on-1 clients on how to overcome the effects of mental illness secondary to trauma, sexual and domestic battery and redefine their life path after abuse. She travels and speaks nationally and internationally providing faith-based strategies on how to recover, focusing on the art of reconnecting with the creator, themselves and with the surrounding community. 

 Michelle provides support to assist clients identifying the blocks preventing them from moving forward, expand self-awareness, explore choices and create results based on new insight and perspectives.


Moreover, She provide structure and accountability to help clients navigate life after adversity, clarify and build on their own internal motivations for positive life change and celebrate successes.


Moving Beyond Pain Group Coaching

Moving Beyond Pain Group Coaching provides invaluable assistance to those seeking help and hope as they try to heal. With committed effort, patience, and the right resources this group coaching can offer transformative results to help you acquire the skills, information, and insight needed to impact your life for the better. We believe in offering training opportunities that empower each member along their journey toward healing. Join us today as we take an inspiring step forward together.

3 Week Virtual Group Sessions

  • Private Group Atmosphere

  • 1 Year Free Membership to Empowered 2 Thrive

  • Week 1 - Identify Barriers to Healing

  • Week 2 - Ending The Shame of Silence - Cleanse False Belief System

  • Week 3 - Restore Your Voice - Set & Sustain Boundaries

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Journeying Through Grief & Loss

Do you feel like life has come to a standstill since you've experienced loss? It is normal to mourn and feel the hurt of the losses in life. Journeying Through Grief & Loss can help you gain a fresh perspective on how to make it through these trying times. 

4 Week 1:1 Coaching

  • 1 Year Free Membership to Empowered 2 Thrive

  • 4 weekly 1 hour virtual sessions

  • Mid-Week Check-ins

  • Personalized Phases to fit your individual needs.

  • Payment Plan Available

Redefined Life Path 1:1 Coaching CREATE YOUR IDEAL LIFE

This program provides a 1:1 interactive method to walk you through the process to identify barriers, set and sustaining healthy boundaries, eliminating toxic environments, thoughts, and individuals, and creating a new path.  This program is a 6-month intensive meant to serve all genres. Here one can change behaviors that will enable them to lead and live a full life.

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To help people overcome pain, based on a foundation of FAITH in a SAFE place to HEAL in LOVE. 



To IDENTIFY the barriers, END the shame of silence and RESTORE your voice. 



Michelle Speakz Co, If You Hide It, You Can’t Heal It is a professional and licensed Life-Recovery Coaching Company that specializes in helping clients achieve their personal goals and improving their competence, capacity and productivity. The scope of the business covers areas such as, personal development and transformative coaching, targeting clients that have had traumatic experiences. The headquarters is located in – Jacksonville, United States of America. Most services will be provided primarily virtually.


Michelle Speakz Co, If You Hide It, You Can’t Heal It is a client-focused and result-driven life-recovery coaching company that provides inspirational, learning approaches and experience with affordable fees. We will ensure that we work hard to meet and surpass our clients’ expectations as it relates to their personal recovery goals. At Michelle Speakz Co, If You Hide It, You Can’t Heal It , our clients’ overall best interests are our top priority. Everything we do is guided by our values and professional ethics.


Katrina Braggs ~ Life Coach | Actress | Speaker

First, every coach needs a coach. My experience going through the "Moving Beyond Pain" course was not only an eye-opener but a mind opener. I entered the course having already prepared to be open, transparent and receptive. Your coaching style is one that allows one to engage from a place of honesty. Was it challenging? Definitely. The homework was NOT designed to be easy but rather to bring you into an awareness that required you to be accountable to yourself and to the course work. Yes, this course requires you to DO the work so if you're not ready to commit to you then I abhor you to wait until you are. If you work through the pain the reward is one you'll carry throughout the journey life has for you.

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