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Inspirational Speaker

Meet Michelle Poitier, USN Veteran nominated and selected to attend Former First Lady Michelle Obama's 'United State of Women's Initiative 2016 for her work in the community; recipient of a letter of recognition from former Governor Rick Scott (Sept 23rd, 2016) of Florida, Rick Scott for her community contributions. Additionally, Ms. Poitier received a letter from The White House (March 16, 2016) for selection/participation in the Mission Continue (Women’s Veteran's Leadership Summit).  Michelle’s most recent accomplishment was being inducted into the Florida Dept. of Veterans Hall of Fame Society, for the work she’s done using her platform and voice to champion the causes for the voiceless.


The journey to self-discovery is not an easy or painless task, yet it is necessary to finding and fulfilling your purpose.  ~ Michelle Poitier ~ 


Michelle share’s the victory over the hurt, pain, guilt, shame that had held her in bondage over the course of her life. So, that you know that no matter how dire, hurtful, dangerous your situation may be, that others have gone through too…you are not alone. Michelle will uncover it all so that you too will be free from whomever and whatever it is that is killing your social, emotional, spiritual, and financial growth.  Learn how to get out from underneath the burdens that hold you down.

Inspirational Speaker


Do not think someone being controlling, verbally, psychologically,  or physically abusive as a sign of their undying love for you. Abuse of any kind has one motive... Power, Manipulation, and Control. Get help and get out! ~Michelle Speakz ~ If You Hide It, You Can’t Heal It!


Signature Message

Healing from the Inside Out ~   Empowering women to address the dysfunctions they carry due to past experiences is a win for our families, communities and ultimately our nation.


Mindset Matters ~ Creating an environment that is judgment-free provides individuals the strength to power through false belief systems hindering growth. 

Unlock Your Voice - Discover the Power Within - Tap into your  C.P.R. (Commitment*Perseverance*Resilience? ~  Reminding individuals and teams the importance of anchoring back to the strength within -providing help, producing hope and promoting healing.

Speaker Video Footage

Hilton Head Spa - South Carolina

Hilton Head Spa - South Carolina 2

Restore Her Project - Jacksonville

The Mission Continues 2015 Gala - St. Luis Missouri

Workshop / Conference Facilitator

A skilled communicator, facilitator, seasoned speaker, and trainer with over 8 years of teaching experience in corporate, military and community settings. I pioneer programs that streamline continuous process improvement practices through education, research, and development by forging safe and productive environments. I provide maximum value of self-discovery, personal and professional development to position you in achieving your organizational and individual goals.

Workshop Topics: 

  • Service Excellence ~ Customer Engagement Determines Customer Loyalty

  • Finding Your Passion to Fulfill Your Purpose 

  • Emotions That Lead You Astray

  • And more…

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Conference Facilitator

Workshop Faciliator Video Footage

About Michelle Poitier

Personal  & Professional Leadership, Development and Growth


Michelle is a transformational thought leader, incredibly gifted writer and serial entrepreneur. She brings unmatched passion and energy to all of her endeavors and is a consummate professional with exceptional people skills. She inspires others to explore possibilities, engage and execute with confidence, passion and fortitude.

“A great leader posses a clear vision, is courageous, has integrity, honesty, humility and clear focus.  ~ Unknown~

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Leadership Development & Growth

Michelle has a unique ability to soothe the tumultuous soul with her compassionate, polished, smooth sound of her voice. She is an intelligent factual reader with a skillfully controlled voice and the ability to read eloquently from script(s).  


Available for the following and more: 


  • Audiobooks/E-books

  • Meditation recordings 

  • Radio

Professional Voiceover Talent

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Voiceover Talent
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Speaker Testimonials

Ms. Poitier is a prolific and dynamic speaker capable of engaging large audiences in thoughtful discussion. She would make a great speaker at conferences, high school assemblies, and government or business meetings.

Timothy Pfeil, Instructor, Missouri State University

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