As I was headed to my bi-weekly support group meeting for survivors of sexual and domestic abuse, I reflected over my life and pondered about the times I’ve felt entirely safe, secure, protected, unafraid, and completely loved unconditionally. I can only recall two times in my 41 years of living (at the time). The first time being when I gave my life over to the Lord. I encountered a peace I had never before experienced. Immediately I was filled with such an abundance of pure joy and happiness. The second time in my life was when I made the decision to be silent no more. I made the decision to speak out against and advocate for Military Sexual Abuse (MST) Survivors, sexual and domestic abuse survivors. What brought on this train of thought you ask? I was enjoying my Saturday afternoon. I’d just finished cleaning my home and decided to go vacuum out my car and run some errands. I got in my car and off I went. I turned on the radio and began singing along to the music, happy as happy can be.