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Beneath the Mask

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Can you see beneath the mask?

Do you see the pain that's concealed? Afraid to reveal how I truly feel?

Day in, day out I strive to appear strong, confident and in control

In reality, there's a war raging within my soul

So many times you look and only see the surface

Who will look beyond and see my true purpose?

Who will take the time to caress my very essence?

And partake of the gift shared being in my presence

I see the pain beneath the mask of others in the world today

How you may ask? I see what once was reflected in me

Many are starving for that thing we all crave - acceptance, love and affection

Often what we receive from the world is exactly the opposite - apathy, hate and rejection

There is a place where the mask can be removed

A place where you can be free

Are you brave enough to unveil and allow others to see - Beneath the Mask?

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