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Make Good Changes: Learn from Bad Experiences

Establishing and sustaining healthy connections is the recipe for continual growth. Ultimately, we all want to grow and have fulfilling connections. Three powerful things happen when we are connected in a healthy way:

It brings balance because we were created for connection, it changes lives ~ ours and those within our sphere of influence, and it leads to GROWTH.

However, there are toxic connections that if left unaddressed can cause (at times) irreparable damage.

Tuning into our internal indicators will help to identify whether a connection is toxic or healthy. We learn from everything we experience in life. Often, it takes a bad experience for us to face the changes we need to make; it provides an opportunity to change course. Not everything thing that is faced can be changed. But nothing can change until it is faced.

Don’t be fooled into thinking once a healthy connection, always a healthy connection. Sustaining healthy connections requires time, energy and attention. Connections can turn toxic when unspoken issues are not communicated/expressing hoping it will resolve itself…it won’t. Have the tough conversations within the connections that are important to you, your growth and the growth of those you’re connected to.

What connections do you have that you know need to be faced, yet you continue to ignore? When bad experiences create strong feelings within, we either face the feelings and begin the journey to change or we try to ignore or escape. Remember this, our choices will lead to either the pain of self-discipline or the pain of regret.

I'd rather live with the pain of self-discipline and reap the benefits than live with the pain of regret, reaping the consequences, which is something that can create a deep and continual ache within.

I'm here to help if you need support. Reach out to me and let begin the journey.


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