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Relationship with Self

The most important relationship one can have, excluding their relationship with God, is with themselves. Your relationship with self will determine the success or failure for relationships with others; whether personal, professional, platonic, intimate, social, or spiritual.

Irrevocably broken relationships from the past caused me to take a deeper look and examine my relationship with myself and how I relate to others externally. Because I had become so accustomed to being rejected by others going back to childhood, I learned to reject my own authentic feelings. Burying my feelings, and not acknowledging them as a form of self-protection was ultimately suffocating the essence of who I am as a person. My disjointed soul mastered the art of self-deception. Although, I’d made strides towards uncovering, acknowledging and accepting who I was and now am. Anytime I hit a wall or was challenged, I retreated; creating a watered-down facade. Suppressing the free-spirited woman, replacing her with a controlled, seemingly unbothered, emotionless woman. Doing the work to reclaim that woman has been an interesting journey.

I was challenged by someone near and dear to my heart that caused me to really dig deep to rediscover who God originally created me to be. I am continually embracing all aspects of “Michelle” as I rediscover them… not all good, but all me – the good, the bad and the ugly.

I am loving myself holistically; not only externally, but internally and eternally. No longer attempting to prove myself worthy. I am already worthy in the eyes of THE ONE (God) and those that matter; including me.

I love me which helps me to love others; not based on their ability to love me back, but based on the ability I have to love my imperfect self. Which causes me to love the imperfections of others all the more. Self-revelation is a beautiful and continual thing.

How is your relationship with yourself? Self-examination time.

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